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programmer, designer, and legendary joke teller

Wei's personal logo

Hello! This is Wei,


"Where there's a will, there is a Wei." — Name Pronunciation 101

Wei Wang has two sides, one as a coder and the other as a designer.


Wei frequently switching to designer mode sometimes and diving into his master piece even forget his meals.

However, due to his perfectionism,  he can not bare any low quality design. Thus, often suffers from endless revising and low yield production.

Wei Wang is a Vancouver based programmer currently doing his degree study in SFU.

He cherish structure and order while enjoy solving complex problems in high standard.

PS. He claim that he tells the best jokes, but his friends really doubt about this.


Three icons of Wei's other interests: Automation, Gaming, and Design


"Knowledge rests not upon truth alone,
but upon error also." — Carl Jung



  • C / C++ / Java
  • XML / HTML / CSS
  • JavaScript
  • T-SQL
  • VHDL / HC12 Assembly







  • Windows / Linux
  • Eclipse / VIM
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Microsoft Office
  • SolidWorks / CAMWorks
  • ArtCAM







  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe Audition
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Fireworks
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Altium Designer









  • Integrate knowledge and experience from various technical areas
  • Follow and execute specific requirements and meet assigned deadlines
  • Communicate effectively with clients and team members


"Adventure is worthwhile." — Aesop




ZBJ Network Inc.

Freelancer Developer

2012 - Present

Programmed and optimized website background code for individual clients especially for SEO purpose. Developed website UI in standard HTML and CSS format, capable of converting identical image source files into code. Designed graphic artwork for domestic and international exhibition such as poster & ticket

LIDE Software Design Co. Ltd.

Software After-sale Service

March 2008 - May 2011

Demonstrated our storage management software to registered or potential clients in a 6 member group. Individualized Microsoft SQL Server environment to clients who come from various industries including retail, costume design, food product etc. Expanded the modules of our software to include customized RAID backup system, barcode input from third party devices



CNC 3D Carving Machine

Individual Project

2012 - Present

Individually designed and constructed high resolution desktop-size 3D carving machine controlled by PC software to produce parts made of various materials. Researched basic principles in machine design and engineering material, particularly with rigid body motion, transmission step motor controller. Practiced 3D modeling and producing with SolidWorks, CAMWorks and ArtCAM. Studied PCB design and assembled with Alitium Designer for step motor controller. Produced parts for PC liquid cooling system and art exhibition made of wood, aluminum, copper, acrylic

ACM Asia & North America

Regional Contest

Contestant School Backup Team Member

2011 - Present

Trained and qualified as Zhengzhou University ACM – NOIP Asia regional contest backup member. Won 2013 Fall ACM North America selective contest SFU-UBC region newly entered team prize as individual. Participated in 2014 Fall ACM North America selective contest SFU-UBC region teamed up as two members


Simon Fraser University (SFU)

Bachelor of Science in Computing Science

September 2013 - Present

Concentration on Computer Graphics / Computing System / Information System

Minor in Interactive Arts and Technology. Computing Science CGPA 3.50 out of 4.33

Zhengzhou University (ZZU)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

September 2011 - June 2013

Concentration on Software Engineering


"The three chief virtues of a programmer are:

Laziness, Impatience and Hubris." — Larry Wall


"Let the path be open to talent." — Napoleon Bonaparte

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